Shocking accidents on set of famous movies and TV shows

Burns, broken bones, and even death—here’s some of the most tragic on-set accidents 😱

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July 01, 2020
Shocking accidents on set of famous movies and TV shows
Much of the randomness of life can be explained by a couple of words: “S**t happens.”

Movie sets are no exception, of course. Sure, inside the cinema, movies can feel like larger-than-life adventures. We’re swept through fantastical voyages across time and space, breathtaking missions, and journeys through spectacular setpieces.

But that “magic” has to be created by people. While CGI does the trick most of the time, sometimes you need real people to do some real action, and they inevitably run into some unfortunate mishaps while filming.

In the video below, we’ve compiled the most shocking ones—incidents that really put actors’ life dangerously close to actual peril, sometimes even death. From Jackie Chan’s infamously daredevil stunt work to Tom Cruise pulling off a deadly jump, here are several filming moments gone terribly wrong!

More action here:

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