Alden Richards’ IG captions that are just as ridiculously charming as him

Alden Richards’ captions are super entertaining 😝

Sinehub Admin

May 25, 2020
Alden Richards’ IG captions that are just as ridiculously charming as him
While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, the perfect Instagram caption can turn a moment into a SERVE.

With close to four million followers, Alden Richards is one of the most-followed celebs in the country, and he knows how to deliver some thirst-inducing photos. But his caption game is a whole other conversation.

What’s great about Alden’s captions is that they’re not concerned with seeming perfect and polished—they’re just as quirky, silly, and charming as the actor himself. Simply put, he’s not afraid to make fun of himself.

He knows his photos are already serving, and that he doesn’t need to overdo it with the captions. Instead, he uses captions as a way to connect with his fans on a more visceral level, like we’re invited to wherever he might be, like he’s a relatable AF next-door-neighbor or friend just going through life unbothered, occasionally trying to make us laugh with his “dad” jokes. And that’s just so precious.

The simple wackiness of Alden’s captions also humanize him. Suddenly, he’s not this massive celebrity lusted after by legions of fans. He’s just a regular guy sharing memorable moments with us. 

He’s someone who does the same things we do—eating ice cream even when it’s raining, binge-watching entire shows on lazy days, and staring out windows like we’re in a music video. We dare you to find a more wholesome IG caption game than his.

Never change, Alden. Never change!

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