Alternate endings to popular movies that will leave you speechless

10 movies with alternate endings we're not sure how to feel about! Should these have made the final cut?

Doreen Penilla

June 25, 2020
Alternate endings to popular movies that will leave you speechless
Some of the most iconic films almost didn't end the way they did... Yup, did you know that "Pretty Woman" wasn't supposed to have a happy ending? Or that "The Butterfly Effect" had a completely tragic conclusion?

Here are some of the most shocking alternate endings to famous movies that will toy with your feelings! 

1. The Princess Diaries

The ending: Mia (Anne Hathaway) accepts the role of being the Princess of Genovia. She then travels to Genovia, and during her flight, she logs in to her diary her desire to relocate there with her mother.

Alternate ending: Mia agrees to become the Princess of Genovia. That's it. But things changed when director Garry Marshall's granddaughter got sad when he showed it to her, because she wanted to see Mia's princess life. So, Marshall asked Disney to add a sneak peek of Genovia. 

2. Seven

The ending: The killer murders Detective Mills' (Brad Pitt) wife. He did this to provoke Mills to shoot him and thus, committing the seventh sin, Wrath. 

Alternate ending: Mills' partner detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) shoots the killer instead. When asked why, Somerset's reason would have been, "I'm retiring." 

3. Blade Runner

The ending: Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Rachael (Sean Young) get together again, then a voiceover explains that Rachael does not have a four-year lifespan limit afterall. 

Alternate ending: "Blade Runner" has various alternate endings. There's one where Deckarad shoots Rachael; and another where Gaff (Edward James Olmos) chases down Deckard and Rachael.

4. Pretty Woman

The ending: Edward (Richard Gere) goes back to Vivian's (Julia Roberts) apartment and they share a kiss! 

Alternate ending: Vivian gets her final payment for her services to Edward. No romantic ending whatsoever. Cold, huh? 

5. The Lion King

The ending: Villain Scar is attacked and killed by his own servants—the hyenas.

Alternate ending: Scar pushes Simba off Pride Rock. Ecstatic about his win, he doesn't realize that there's fire building behind him, so he gets burned to death! 

6. The Shining

The ending: Wendy (Shelley Duval) and Danny (Danny Lloyd) escape, and Jack (Jack Nicholson) is left behind in the snow, and eventually freezes to death. 

Alternate ending: Danny and Wendy make it back to the hotel and its manager Stuart Ullman (Barry Nelson) says that the two should seek medical attention. In this ending, it's implied that Ullman is covering up the mystery in the hotel. 

7. The Butterfly Effect

The ending: Evan (Ashton Kutcher) travels back to the first time he met with Kayleigh (Amy Smart) and tells her that they should not be friends. 

Alternate ending: Evan travels back to the time when he was still a baby inside his mother's womb and kills himself.

8. I Am Legend

The ending: Neville (Will Smith) sacrifices himself, to help two people survive and escape with the cure for the infection.  

Alternate ending: Neville negotiates a ceasefire with mutants. He then offers to deliver the cure for the infection to the surviving humans. 

9. A Star is Born

The ending: Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) commits suicide by hanging himself.

Alternate ending: The original plan was Jackson will commit suicide by swimming and eventually drown. Another option was to have Jackson ride his motorcycle and die in an accident. 

10. A Quiet Place

The ending: Evelyn (Emily Blunt) kills the monster. 

Alternate ending: Director John Krasinski, who also starred in the film, did not want Evelyn to shoot the monster. He had pictured a more tragic ending for the family instead. He changed his mind after being adviced by one of his producers and after heeding a Steven Spielberg podcast about marrying artistic vision and "popcorn moments" in movies. 

Here are some more shocking truths about your favorite films!


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