All the times Armie Hammer was a woke, progressive zaddy

Armie Hammer’s tweets are the perfect example of how to use your platform well 👏

Sinehub Admin

June 25, 2020
All the times Armie Hammer was a woke, progressive zaddy
Not only does Armie Hammer look like a real-life Disney prince, he’s also a woke and forward-thinking celebrity who puts his platform to good use by speaking out on issues he cares about, like Black Lives Matter, military spending, and many other human rights issues.

His Twitter is basically an endless stream of his unapologetic progressivism and amazing clapbacks at trolls and douchebags who messed with the wrong king. We truly have no choice but to stan!

Below are just several examples of his most political tweets, proof that celebrities have the power to use their space to spread awareness and be on the right side of history.

Armie really said EAT THE RICH.
Armie is tired of your racist nonsense.
Armie to America:
Imagine how tired we are of police brutality 😒
Armie calls out white people exploiting the BLM protests.
Armie on military spending:
Armie exposes the sheer hypocrisy of America.
Fight for your country:


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