How Mylene Dizon, Kit Thompson shot steamy 'Belle Douleur' bed scenes

Did Mylene really say, "Cut na, tama na!” after intimate scene with Kit Thompson?

Carl Velasco

May 20, 2020
How Mylene Dizon, Kit Thompson shot steamy 'Belle Douleur' bed scenes
Fresh off the release of “Belle Douleur” on iWant, the film’s leads Mylene Dizon and Kit Thompson shared some steamy on-set secrets including how they prepared for erotic scenes, how many times they had to kiss, and more juicy details during an online press conference today, May 20.

Winner of Cinemalaya 2019’s Audience Choice award, “Belle Douleur” resonated with audiences for its not-so-typical love story between a mature woman and a much younger man, played by Mylene and Kit, respectively, and both shared plenty of intimate scenes. 

Asked if there was any discomfort shooting those, Mylene jokingly said, “Alin doon?” She then admitted there was indeed “ilangan” in some of the erotic scenes—but it actually helped.

“The scene really required us to be ilang with each other, because it was the first time [our characters were intimate]. Being uncomfortable helped.” 

Being too comfortable might not be a good thing, according to her. “Kapag masyado kayong comfy, mawawala ‘yung spark, 'yung kilig factor,” explained Mylene.

Director Joji Alonso, a longtime film producer who made her directorial debut with this film, dished that Mylene and Kit had to kiss a whopping 150 times for just one scene! 

Mylene admitted she had tons of reservations, but had to quickly push her inhibitions aside. “The quicker I jumped into a scene, mas magagawa ko siya agad. It’s like jumping off a cliff. Just jump already! If you overthink, you’ll never be able to accomplish the task.”

Kit, on the other hand, had no reservations at all. “They had to tie me down because I had none,” he said. Mylene joked that they had to remind him “Cut na, Kit! Cut na, tama na!” 

Kit said his co-actor really helped him get through the process. “I love Mylene. She’s really great and she’s really something else.”

Mylene felt the same about working with him. “Walang arte si Kit. ‘Pag sinabi mong tanggal ng damit, nagtatanggal naman ng damit,” she joked.

As to what sort of roles they want to take on in the future, Mylene said she takes projects she knows she’ll like and enjoy “maski sabihin ng tao na dapat ‘di ko gawin because of my age.” Kit, meanwhile, said he’s “young and healthy” and wants to do “pretty much anything I can get my hands on.”

“Pwede porn?” Mylene interrupted.

“Belle Douleur part two? X-rated edition?” Kit laughed.

“I don’t think I’ll ever do frontal. I just feel like there’s no need for that.”

But on a more serious note, they also gave their thoughts regarding Cinemalaya 2020 being cancelled because of the ongoing pandemic.

“I am at a loss, I am dumbfounded, I am scared—not just for Cinemalaya, but for everybody," said Mylene. 

While Kit, “All we have to do now is stay alive, you know? Survive through this. Money can be made one way or another. But if you put your life at risk, that's not something you can bring back.”

“Filmmaking now is going to be a real challenge and struggle. Ang daming mawawalan ng trabaho,” said director Joji, adding that no one one will invest in films because the future isn’t clear as of yet.

Hopefully the film provides the much-needed relief and momentary kilig we all need right now in these trying times.

“Belle Douleur” is now streaming on iWant for free! 

Check out the trailer here:

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