'Gusto Mo Bang Sumama?' in this Eraserheads documentary?

Why this Eraserheads documentary is what you should all be watching right now

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July 03, 2020
'Gusto Mo Bang Sumama?' in this Eraserheads documentary?
Eraserheads—one of the country's biggest and most iconic bands—was formed in 1989, rose to fame and blessed us with classic hits in the '90s, took their music internationally in the early 2000s, and broke every fan's heart with their breakup in 2002.

Frontman Ely Buendia, guitarist Marcus Adoro, bassist Buddy Zabala, and drummer Raymund Marasigan are now legends of the Philippine music industry. Their songs like "Ang Huling El Bimbo", "Alapaap", "Magasin", "Toyang", and many, many more will always bring nostalgia that only E-heads can. 

In 2008, MYX released a four-part series documentary on the iconic band, which brought the members together again in a historic moment. 

12 years after it aired on TV, we can now relive and watch their timeless stories and music again, as MYX debuted the docu online on their Youtube channel just last May. 

Watch it here and try to hold back your tears.

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