‘Hello Stranger’ episode 6 recap: How to break a heart

“Hello Stranger” episode 6 is probably the most heartbreaking so far 😭 Read our recap here!

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July 30, 2020
‘Hello Stranger’ episode 6 recap: How to break a heart
The sixth episode of “Hello Stranger” picks up right where the last episode left off, with Xavier (Tony Labrusca) finally mustering the courage to tell Mico (JC Alcantara) that he has feelings for him.

After weeks of flirtatious banter, sweet messages, “landi” moments via Zoom—all of which gave us the ultimate kilig feels—Xavier finally caved in and showed vulnerability, telling Mico how he truly felt.

When Xavier dropped the bomb and told Mico his lovely piano performance was dedicated to him, Mico responded, “Joke ‘yan, ‘no?” clearly nervous, clearly knowing what the actual answer is.

Nervousness is contagious, even via Zoom, which is why Xavier picks up on this apprehension and suddenly withdraws, telling Mico that the song was actually dedicated to Crystal, his sort-of ex-girlfriend.

After this exchange, things understandably get awkward between the two. Gone is the flirting, the teasing, and the butterflies-in-stomach giddiness of constantly thinking about each other, replaced instead with the heartbreaking feeling of rejection, not only on Xavier’s part but also on Mico’s.

Xavier is worried that he screwed up, because after their last conversation, Mico’s texts have been somewhat cold (he’s an Aquarius, so it makes sense). But we know why: he’s confused about his feelings. He probably hasn’t been attracted to another boy, ever, and that can really send someone to a tailspin.

On a brighter note, The Young Padawans are finally back together again after Mico’s sincere apology. Junjun (Miguel Almendras), Kookai (Vivoree), and Seph (Patrick Quiroz) patch things up and assure Mico they have his back, regardless if he’s madly infatuated with Xavier (which they said was obvious).

On the other hand, it seems Xavier is trying to patch things up as well with Crystal (Gillian Vicencio), but the topic of their reunion is largely about someone who’s not there: Mico, and Crystal is growing suspicious.

Elsewhere, Seph finally gathers up the courage to tell Kookai that he has feelings for her, and though Kookai’s heartbreak is still fresh, it seems like she could learn to like Seph back, too.

Later, Mico goes outside to attend to some chores, and from afar, he spots Xavier, alone, and you can tell how badly he wants to call out his name, tell him I like you, too, and get him back. You can feel the anxiety, the cataclysmic push and pull, and the warmth of his smile, which shrinks when he realizes that Xavier is only really there to be with Crystal.

He retreats home, mourns. Us, meanwhile, mourn with him, both for this episode’s heartbreaking turn of events, and the fact that it’s going to take a week before we see what happens next! 😭

Watch episode six in full here:

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