We need to talk about the way Ian Veneracion holds his guitar

Here's why we can't look at another photo of Ian playing his guitar

Sinehub Admin

June 26, 2020
We need to talk about the way Ian Veneracion holds his guitar
His eyes, his hair, his stubble, his smile, his body. His everything. There is nothing about Ian Veneracion we don't love. 

We love his acting, we love his personality, and we love his music. Yes, this gorgeous human being sings and plays the guitar too. And that, for us, is just way too much to handle. 

His mere existence is already enough to make us ogle, but whenever this man picks up his guitar and plays it, we just totally lose it! Actually, no, he doesn't even have to play it, he just needs to hold it, nonchalantly or with focus, and BAM! We explode with kilig. 

You see, dear reader, this is why we can't see or look at another Ian Veneracion photo with his guitar. We think it's bad for our mental health to have that much excitement. But we've gathered some of our faves in the gallery above for your pleasure. Just... don't hold us responsible if you end up with a severe case of fangirl syndrome! 

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