Wattpad hit ‘The Four Bad Boys and Me’ picked up as digital lovecast series by Star Cinema

“The Four Bad Boys and Me” starring Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, and Jeremiah Lisbo is the first ever “Listen 2 Love” presentation ❤️

Doreen Penilla

July 17, 2020
Wattpad hit ‘The Four Bad Boys and Me’ picked up as digital lovecast series by Star Cinema
Wattpad writer Tina Lata has finally announced that her mega-hit story “The Four Bad Boys and Me” will be adapted into a lovecast series as the first ever “Listen 2 Love” presentation by Star Cinema! 

On the digital talk show "We Rise Together” today, July 17, Tina was also present to announce the cast for the upcoming series. "Saktong-sakto sila sa description ko. Besides dun, 'yung acting skills nila talagang maganda. Swak na swak. Mas lalo akong na-excite. I'm so happy sa kanila."


The first actor to be revealed was Jeremiah Lisbo, who will play the shy type singer Marky. Then "Pinoy Big Brother" alum Rhys Miguel, who will portray the role of Jeydon, a dancer who has a bit of a naughty side.

And the girl at the center of it all will be played by another "PBB" alum, the beautiful Kaori Oinuma. She will be Candice, who’s a loner, but has a strong heart.  

Kaori was really excited to be chosen for the role as she’s also a fan of the story, which helped her deal with homesickness. "Isa 'yan sa nagbigay ng saya sa akin dati sa Japan noon.” 

Production has began and so far, the cast admitted that it has been quite difficult to shoot away from each other while in quarantine. But nonetheless, they are completely enjoying the experience! 

Rhys shared, "It's super fun shooting and weird, because [you] have to set up here. But it's super exciting. I feel like it's gonna be super great once it all comes together in the end." 


Good news! Because you can catch "The Four Bad Boys and Me" anywhere and anytime! 

You can enjoy it on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel and listen to it on Spotify as well. 

Now, only one question remains: Who will play Troy and Charles? Watch out for Tina’s announcement on her YouTube channel tomorrow, at 6PM! 

Watch their full announcement here!

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