HOT TRAILERS: ‘Train to Busan: Peninsula’, ‘The King's Man’, 'Candyman', and more!

Here are all the best new trailers you may have missed!

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June 26, 2020
HOT TRAILERS: ‘Train to Busan: Peninsula’, ‘The King's Man’, 'Candyman', and more!
Cinemas are still closed, so thank goodness for streaming! You probably still have so many movies lined up on Netflix and iWant, which makes seeking out new stuff and keeping track of what’s to come a little bit overwhelming.

So we’ve done the dirty work: Below is a neat compilation of all the trailers you may have missed. From the hotly anticipated sequel to “Train to Busan” titled “Peninsula” to a brand-new teaser for the supernatural slasher “Candyman”, we’ve included everything movie fans shouldn’t dare skip.

The King’s Man

A new trailer for “The King’s Man” dropped earlier this week, giving us an extended look at the epic, action-packed prequel to the fantastic “Kingsman” series of British espionage brilliance. Replacing Colin Firth and Taron Egerton are Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson, taking us back to the 1910s for a very important race-against-time mission.

Over the Moon

Looks like Netflix has another hit on its hands. “Over the Moon”, its upcoming comedy-adventure—that’s also a musical—has the markings of a guaranteed crowd-pleaser: an adorable protagonist, a charming sidekick, and a silly but loveable tag-along. Based on Chinese folklore, the film follows a young girl who’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to the moon. We’re all going to cry at this, aren’t we? 

Nobody Knows I'm Here

Most popular for starring in “Lost”, Jorge Garcia repeats his wayward ways in the upcoming film “Nobody Knows I’m Here”, a film about a former child singer who disappears from the limelight to tend to a sheep and live in isolation. Until, that is, people start recognizing him.

Gobble this one up, cineastes: There’s a new teaser of “Candyman” uploaded by director Nia DaCosta, essentially less of a preview and more a really well-done short film that explores the film’s origins and provides a peek into the story’s central killer.

The Nest

Starring Jude Law as a man who seeks to gain more control of his family by excessively wasting his fortunes on extravagance, “The Nest” has a pretty intriguing premise that will surely give us some compelling commentary on the nature of male ego, control, and consumption.


Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett’s Aussie series about immigrants arrives on Netflix on July 8, described as a “powerful” and “timely” narrative about four strangers whose lives intersect at an immigration detention center in the middle of an Australian desert. 


2016’s “Train to Busan” was a hit, and it looks like the follow-up, “Peninsula”, will not disappoint. The film continues four years after the original events and follows a group of soldiers returning to the zombie outbreak site in search of possible survivors.

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