'We Bare Bears’ coming to an end after release of movie

Is this goodbye for Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear?

Carl Velasco

June 30, 2020
'We Bare Bears’ coming to an end after release of movie
Prepare your goodbyes to Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear because “We Bare Bears” is coming to an end after the movie is released, creator Daniel Chong confirmed.

The movie, set to come out via streaming on June 30, will mark the conclusion of the series, according to Daniel, who has since departed Cartoon Network to work on a different project.

One of the most beloved animated shows on Cartoon Network, “We Bare Bears” follows three cuddly bears as they go on their misadventures in San Francisco. 

Though the movie will retain the wholesome spirit of the show, it will also go beyond and deal with challenging topics like alienation. In it, the bears cause a city-wide blackout, and thereafter enraged citizens banish and force them to go on the run.

“The biggest realized fear is feeling that you’re not wanted there anymore and that everybody wants you gone, and you’re going to be imprisoned or something like that because people are discriminating against you,” said Daniel. “It felt like that was a very timely thing to say.”

Don’t be sad about the show ending because there will be a spinoff based on the Baby Bears, which is currently in development at Cartoon Network, and Daniel previously hinted that it could very well push the bears to more outrageous settings.

“You can almost push their adventures a little bit more outlandish because they’re babies and we can put them in more ridiculous situations.”

What’s your favorite “We Bare Bears” episode?

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