Things you didn’t know about ‘Hello Stranger’ boys Xavier and Mico

Fun facts about “Hello Stranger” characters Xavier and Mico that will make you love them even more 😍

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July 29, 2020
Things you didn’t know about ‘Hello Stranger’ boys Xavier and Mico
Fight us—Xavier (Tony Labrusca) and Mico (JC Alcantara) are the supercouple of this lockdown, no further questions, thanks! Our #XavMi fever only gets more intense as we get to know the boys better episode by episode of “Hello Stranger”.

But there might be a few things you still don’t know about these boys, including things like their zodiac sign, favorite food, and even life mantra. Be the ultimate #XavMi stan with these fun facts below!

Zodiac signs

According to Black Sheep’s official Twitter account, Xavier is a Taurus and Mico an Aquarius, which is a LOT to process. 

Okay, let’s deal with Xaiver first. Taureans are described as “sensual”, as in they like pleasure of any kind, including melodies and music. You might recall in episode five of “Hello Stranger” that Xavier played the piano and sang a song for Mico!

Taureans are gentle but they can also be fierce! Remember when Xavier fumed at Mico in episode two? There, we got to see Xavier’s feistier side. But by episode five, he’s buying Mico milk tea and singing songs for him, which shows his softer side.

Taurenas, as it turns out, are also experts at flirting. They apparently draw admirers like moths to candlelight, which makes a lot of sense—You can’t deny Xavier has been super flirty with Mico ever since being paired with him; he’s practically given him all the signs at this point.

Now, onto Mico. Aquarians are assertive. They’re not “go with the flow” folks, not really: They form objectives and stick to them strictly, which pretty much checks out—Mico has been this way since the first episode, always taking the lead and pushing his partner Xavier to do well.

Aquarians are also deep thinkers and have a wild imagination. They’re in their heads a lot, dreaming up all sorts of fantasies. This checks out, too: Mico has had a fantasy or two about Xavier, and we can only guess what else might be on his mind! 

That being said, Aquarians can often be cold towards people. And while we wouldn’t exactly describe Mico as a person who’s cold, there have been some instances where he got in his head too much, like one instance where he forgot about his friends due to being preoccupied with Xavier drama. 

The big question is, are Aquarians and Taureans compatible? Well, it’s a bit tricky. A Taurus’ chill approach to life runs opposite an Aquarius’ assertiveness and out-of-this-world imagination. But if they can figure out how to make do with their differences, the romantic payoff is huge!

Other facts

Now that we got astrology taken care of, let’s look at some other facts about these two boys. First up, Xavier. His full name is Xavier de Guzman, nickname Xav. He’s taking up Commerce in the University of Saint Carmel, although we know he’s also a sick Basketball player, and wants to be a “Pro” when he grows up. Unsurprisingly, he loves the movie “Coach Carter”.

His favorite color is white, and he loves Japanese food. His motto is, “Life is a gift. Accept it.” That pretty much lines up with his chillax persona!

Meanwhile, there’s Mico. Full name Mico Ramos, nickname Mics. He goes to the same school but is taking up Biology and wants to be a surgeon someday. He loves everything blue and will readily chow down on spicy noodles with classic pandesal. 

He also loves the “Star Wars” franchise (wild imagination, remember?) and believes that, “If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than you dreamed,” which is such an Aquarius thing to say!

Want more #XavMi kilig feels? Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes of “Hello Stranger”! 

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